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Marquee Fundraising Project Is Now Live

Our Crowdfunder project to raise money for a marquee is now live. If you are not able to make a donation, please do at least forward this message on to anyone who may be sympathetic to our cause.

Marquee fundraiser here.

If you intend to come to camp this year, by making a donation of £25 or more here is the best way of paying your £10 fee and raising cash to train under cover in the event of rain. It’s also the only way to purchase hoodies and tee-shirts, and there are other rewards for donation available too.

Please support us. The campaign runs for just 28 days, so please don’t hang about! The video is a bit dry, but stick with it, there are out-takes at the end which are good for a giggle.

A picture of some lanterns

MASC 2014 Information Sheet

Martial Arts Summer Camp 2014 – 5th Anniversary!

Welcome to the family on our 5th annual summer camp.  Whether this is your first year or not, please do read this information sheet.  I am very proud of our achievements and the generosity of all our instructors for the last 4 years.  Long live camp!  Camp starts on August 9th 2014 and runs to the following Saturday, at Upper Lynstone. If you are booking to stay here, please make sure you mention that you will be attending the martial arts camp.

logo for Martial Arts Summer Camp


This year sees a few small changes to camp – we have introduced a training fee of £10 per person for the entire week.  That’s crazy cheap!  This year I am also trying to raise money to purchase a marquee to replace the gazebo that finally gave up last year.  The marquee will allow us to train in shelter, and a give us a common area for eating and socialising.  I have started a Crowdfunder campaign which will be published and available on Friday 21st February, and in return for donations, you receive a variety of different rewards, depending on the amount you donate.  Please do help us raise the money by promoting this Crowdfunder project to your friends, families and business.  By donating £25 or more, you will effectively be paying your £10 training fee and supporting the marquee project.  Its also the only way purchase our branded hoodies and teeshirts for this year’s camp.  Shooting a video is actually much harder than you may think, so to brighten it up , I have included some out-takes at the end.

logo for Martial Arts Summer Camp

Welcome to Our New Friends

Zhong Ding

For our 5th anniversary, we are honoured to be welcoming the Zhong Ding group of martial artists.  You may have heard the name Zhong Ding before, Liam Grange is a member of their team.  Zhong Ding will be training and teaching from the following range or martial arts:

  • taijiquan
  • xingyiquan
  • baguazhang
  • liangzi wushu
  • qigong
  • meditation

Nigel and Fong Suttong are students of Liang He Qing, Tan Ching Ngee, Tan Seow Theng, Lau Kim Hong, Gao Jiwu, Guru Azlan Ghanie, Guru Zainal Abidin among others. They founded Zhong Ding Traditional Martial Arts Association in 1987. They live and work in Malaysia and rather uniquely inhabit the often antagonistic and exclusive worlds of Chinese and Malaysian martial arts. Nigel is the author of ‘Searching for the Way’ ‘Applied Tai Chi Chuan’ and numerous other books. These inspirational masters have dedicated their lives to studying, training, teaching and writing about martial arts. Welcome Nigel, Fong and family of students!

Paul Collins Fitness

This year, we are also joined by Paul and Tina Collins, both of whom will not only be training with us, but will also be providing targeted fitness training, especially geared for martial artists.  Tina is an enthusiastic runner, recently spearheading a successful “couch to 5k” running group, and Paul is a personal trainer providing exercise, diet and nutrition advice for people of Bude and surrounding areas.  Together they run residential retreats focusing on kick starting fitness and educating people on lean, healthy, nutritious food choices. Paul is a local taiji and qigong instructor, running classes on Saturday mornings, before the Atlantic Taekwondo training session.  Welcome!

A picture of slate with flavours of tai chi written on it

“Would sir like to order?”

Programme of Events

As this is a holiday camp, we must be flexible around weather, numbers of students, content of sessions, and this year, let us use the beaches more, and try to be more communal at meal times.

  • Registration and induction, meet and greet
  • Daily martial arts training, the usual menu of arts, courtesy of our generous instructors -though not all instructors have confirmed, roughly we can expect the following:
    • Taekwondo
    • Hapkido
    • Aikido
    • Kali
    • Silat
    • Taiji
    • Hopefully all of the goodness offered by Zhong Ding
    • Personally, I would like to nail 5 ancestor double dagger, the walking stick form and the beautiful mantis form
  • Daily fitness training provided by Paul Collins Fitness, who have also generously donated some rewards to the marquee fund raiser
  • Local company Triangle Training is offering a 2.5 hour (approximately) Save a Life certified first-aid course for a fee of £25.
  • Trig point photography
  • Hommous and halloumi kebab night
  • *NEW* Sajla Taaza Curry night.  Monday 11th August.   Local artisan Sajla Armstrong will be providing a curry meal deal for £10, onsite.  I eat Sajla’s curry at the local farmers market every Friday, I can’t get enough.  Menu is chicken or vegetable curry (or half and half), rice, 1 naan, samosa and mango lassi. This event needs to be booked in advance.
  • *NEW* Chinese Watercolour Workshop.  Local artist Lynne Holehouse from Seventh Wave Gallery will be teaching a two hour session.  This event costs £20 for 2 hours expert tuition.  You can see more about Lynne and her work at Seventh Wave Gallery.  This event needs to be booked in advance.
  • *NEW* Lantern parade.  Wednesday 13th August. This year we will hold a lantern parade, barbeque and evening swim and training session down on the local beach.  You will need to provide your own lanterns, but we can provide the tea-lights for them.   A quick search threw up this Youtube video
Strictly no airborne lanterns – we don’t want to risk barn, hay bale or thatched roof fires.   
Wolverine and Superman

Wolverine and Superman – everyone loves the trig point photography

Insurance & Safety

No insurance has been organised for this event.  Your own insurance may or may not cover you.  All training is therefore at your own risk.  Please do not be silly – we are here for training and to enjoy ourselves, and to learn.  All training and teaching is performed on a voluntary basis – if you are not happy joining an activity or parts of an activity, just tell your instructor and they will organise a safe place for you to sit and watch.  You are not obliged to take part, but when you do so, you should behave with your own and others’ safety in mind.

  • Axe kicks and wet grass generally end painfully.
  • The cliffs are high, unfenced, unlit, and recently, some sections have collapsed..  Do not walk along them after dark, especially if you have been drinking.
  • When using the beaches, be mindful of the life guards instructions.  Don’t provoke them by swimming outside the lifeguarded areas.  They go off duty at 6.
  • Bude beaches are subject to Atlantic surf conditions, strong currents and riptides.  Be careful, and watch for drifting whilst in the water.
  • Stay out of both rivers, even if you see families letting their children play in them – they are subject to pollution warnings and run-off from nearby fields, and are not patrolled by the lifeguards.  Use the sea or the sea pool.
  • Don’t bang your legs on the canal bridge lock gates in the dark, Tom.
  • There are normally two high and two low tides each day (some people don’t know that).  The long beaches invite long walks – be mindful of your escape points up the cliffs should you decide to do a long walk along the beach.

logo for Martial Arts Summer Camp


This year, I would like to encourage those dan grades who do not normally teach to step up and take a session of some kind, or at least part of a session. Once again we are blessed with some very talented and very senior instructors:

  • None of our instructors are paid to attend camp,or to teach.  Please treat them accordingly.
  • Please do ask for help, whether you are an instructor or a student
  • Do not feel obliged to teach, as instructors, you already provide enough to your own students.  Feel free to join as a student and have some of your own training.
  • Be mindful that this is a holiday, at the seaside.  Take advantage of that.
  • Please mark your equipment so that it doesn’t get confused with others’ equipment.

logo for Martial Arts Summer Camp

Training Etiquette & Equipment

  • Footwear during training is optional
  • Please wear what you like – we operate a no belts / no uniforms policy, but you can wear ‘em if you want.
  • Training in plain clothes, with semi-strangers helps to reinforce good manners and respect.  You should respect everyone at the campsite, not just the senior grades, you can’t tell them apart!
  • If you need to leave a training session, please don’t just walk away.  Let your instructor know that you would like to finish now, and a safe exit can be arranged.
  • Whilst we knock the living daylights out of our training equipment, it should still be looked after.  Please do not throw pads around or leave them out in the rain.  All equipment is provided voluntarily.
  • Introduce yourself to your teacher, and your training partner, where applicable.  Make sure both know your limitations relating to fitness, injuries, which martial arts you practice, and whether you are good falling / landing.
  • Please remove all jewellery before training.
  • Please do not touch any weapons with the owners consent and supervision, and be mindful of being in a public, family campsite.
  • We have a policy of encouraging the public to join and try.  Please offer them as much as help as you can, what you give them may help change their lives as much as martial arts has changed yours.  Please give help and encouragement freely.

logo for Martial Arts Summer Camp


Please be very mindful of cigarettes, incense, barbeques, lanterns of any kind.  You may have seen the campsite signs – no groups.  Once again Upper Lynstone has kindly taken our money and allowed us to be here despite their own published rules.  We must be mindful of this, and have great consideration for the families around us, most of whom will be giving their children a seaside holiday.  Let us set a great example to the youngsters and adults alike.  The site is surrounded by fields and beaches – we can have a good time without disturbing others, but last year we did upset a few people.  Once again we are right next to the static caravans in our own field, but if we drive the customers away, we won’t be allowed back.

  • Showers and toilets and the washing up block are all provided included in your camping price
  • There is a shop onsite
  • There are many water points around the site

logo for Martial Arts Summer Camp

Local Attractions & Facilities

  • Beaches – all beaches here are achievable on foot
      • Turn left on to main road.  Summerleaze beach is the first beach you come to after a 7 minute amble.  Dogs allowed off leads outside of office hours, but on leads during office hours.  This beach is home to the Bude outdoor sea pool, which is free to use, and lifeguarded.  There is a cafe above the beach, and a shop for beach tat.  Toilets in the main car park.
      • Middle Beach is accessible from the seapool and Summerleaze, or by walking around the cliffs and using a staircase provided.  There is a shelter at the top.  Same dog rules as Summerleaze.  This beach appears isolated during high tide, but that staircase is always available.
      • Crooklets is beyond Summerleaze and Middle Beach. Strictly no dogs during this season.  Toilets, cafes and luke warm outdoor showers (free).
      • Turn right out of campsite to get to Widemouth Bay.  Bigger walk, not trivial.
  • Seapool – located at Summerleaze beach.  This used to be run by the council who have now handed it over to a local charity formed to keep it from being destroyed.  Please support seapool upkeep by joining Friends of Bude Seapool, membership forms available at the pool or in Seventh Wave Gallery in town.  Membership gives you some discount vouchers for some local businesses.  The pool is free to use and lifeguarded.  It is also currently running swimming lessons
  • Rivers – one at Summerleaze and one at Crooklets.  Both subject to field run-off and other pollution.  Stay out of them.
  • Cliffs – tall, unfenced, unlit.  Stay away at night or when drunk.
  • Canal – deep and cold, don’t swim in it.  Duck food available at the Wharf by The Falcon Hotel – its a contribution in a box outside Wharf Woodcraft.  Rowing boats and pedalos for hire.  Good long flat walk inland, culminating in a cafe called The Weir.  Look out for an otter, geese, ducks, fish, frogs  and snakes.
  • Please support our local business, specifically Adele’s Three Bees of Bude for unique, handmade jewellery, small gifts, scarves, incense  and cards etc. Three Bees is down at the Wharf, where you can also find a florist, clothing exchange, two pubs, a restaurant, the start of the canal and two ice cream outlets.  Seventh Wave Gallery sells original and printed work by local artists and friends of summer camp Martyn and Lynne Holehouse.  Lynne and Martyn also have a holiday apartment with tennis court for let throughout the year.
  • There are three main supermarkets in Bude.  Morrison’s is back up towards the A39 and also sells fuel.  Sainsbury is at the top of the one way system and is walkable from camp, if you aren’t in a hurry or carrying too much.  Its a smaller shop than Morrison, and does not sell fuel.  Co-op is also on the one way system, but you have to drive all the way round the town (all of 2 minutes) to drive there, or walk up to the right of the green triangle with cedar tree, that you see near Lloyds Bank.
  • Lloyds, Barclays and Natwest have cashpoints in spitting distance of each other, and there additional cashpoints at all three supermarkets and the main post office at the top of town.
  • Mirchi and Bude Tandoori are both good curry restaurants.  Tiandi is a Thai restaurant, but the food is predictably nothing much like authentic Thai food.  The best food in Bude can be found at The Bank, a beautiful modern tapas bar overlooking the wetlands.  Directions on request.
  • Minor Injuries Unit is up in Stratton.  Open 24 hours.
  • There are no McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Express or Dominoes anywhere within an hour’s drive

I hope to see you all at camp this year, and leave you with a reminder of last year, courtesy of Master Niall Grange

Jason King, organiser of Martial Arts Summer Camp

Lanterns photograph courtesy and copyright of Tim King Photography

Celebrating the Martial Arts – MASC 2013

genesis of MASC

ORIGINALLY inspired by a wonderful week spent training with Master Mark Worsfold at Loch Rannoch, Martial Arts Summer Camp 2013 marks the fourth annual consecutive camp.   our first camp, back in 2010 was at a site within walking distance from Corfe Castle.   back in the day, we based the training program on Mark’s successful routine of morning taiji followed by taekwondo, then non-martial pastimes.  twelve students from Surrey and Halwill Junction, Devon, attended.  2011 saw camp relocate to Upper Lynstone, Bude, where it has been ever since.  student attendance has grown steadily each year, as the good word spreads around the club network.  2013 peeked at nearly forty attendees.   what makes camp so successful?  dedicated, hungry students.   an attitude of openness – all styles are welcome, all levels are welcome, and total beginners are greatly encouraged.  generous and talented instructors.

THE MAINSTAY of our instructor base is undoubtedly Masters Niall and Liam Grange, a father-son team with 60 years of martial experience between them.   unpaid but definitely not unloved, Niall and Liam bring taekwondo, hapkido, taiji, kungfu, silat and more, and give freely to those who seek.  adding further to the instructor mix, Masters Mark Worsfold, Matthew Hobbs, Bob Rowley, John Rodgers, Tony Butcher, Con Halpin and Jitsu-Jamie have all contributed further: taekwondo, bokken, jo-staff, aikido, jujitsu, pressure point fighting, patterns.

IT TAKES a special kind of student, and teacher, to stand in a field, in all kinds of weather – training hard, barefooted, without rank, in plain clothes and plain view.   those students and their teachers are kin, family.   practitioners rarely realise, but when training, you give and expect the ultimate trust from your partners, teachers and students: your lives are in each other’s hands.  this generosity of spirit, trust, love and giving at camp can be a life-changing event for children and adults alike.   strong bonds are forged, and examples are set for us all to follow.   a time to inspire, and to be inspired.

NEW FEATURES this year: good strong sunshine, our very own field, debilitating injury, Wolverine, a purple belt for a hero, MASC tee-shirts and hoodies, poomsae DVDs, camp romance, new shower and toilet block, new friends and guest instructors, water balloons, videos on facebook, the establishment of camp traditions: homous and halloumi kebabs as a last night ritual, trig point photography, shooting stars

SADLY MISSED: Mark Worsfold, Tony Butcher, Nicola Avery, Matthew Hobbs, Nina and Ben, Jamie, Seth and Charlie, Chaney, Luca, Marie, Natasha Brewer, Alex and Emma, Beard Brothers Jamie and Craig , and anyone else from our wider training family.   please come next year

this year’s diary

Picture of The Fast Show's Jessie's Diets

…eating kungfu


Arrival at camp for most people.  If anyone can remember today’s training, please get in touch.


that’s the badger. when training, be sure to keep your fluids up


  • Liam – taiji: introduction to the five animals/elements
    • basic qigong
    • monkey/wood
    • tiger/fire
    • bear/earth
    • stag/metal
    • bird/animal
    • the secret sixth animal, the phoenix.
  • Jase – taekwondo footwork combinations, all grades
    • front kick, turning kick, back kick, concentrating on foot placement and stances between kicks
    • turning kick, back kick, knife hand strike
    • straight line footwork combination – back stance to pushing kick landing in horse riding stance, sliding side kick, back kick, reverse punch, elbow strike
  • Niall – hapkido, basic release from grab
mincing instructor examines back kicks

mincing instructor examines back kicks


today, there were approximately 30 students training. great turn out.

  • Liam – taiji: recap of the five animals/elements, application of taiji principles to poomse
  • Jase – beginners’ taekwondo, 5 absolute beginners
    • ready stance, front/long stance, back stance
    • front kick, turning kick
    • low block, punch
    • Old Man Kelly’s front kick recap, including excellent miniature session on leading with the shoulder
  • Niall – progression from yesterday’s session, hosinsul / hapkido, release from grabs:
    • mirror wrist grabs
    • cross wrist grabs
    • both wrists
    • lapels
  • Jase & Niall – patterns and pads for first kups
  • Liam – session on the beach – applications of the 5 animals
students practicing taiji

great turn out for Cheng Man Ching


approximately 40 students training, including campers from around the site. new camp record for attendance

  • Liam – taiji
    • Master Liang’s Yang Style Qigong and massage set
    • kwai taiji: Master Liang’s fast form
    • Cheng Man Ching’s five Animals
  • Bob the Blackbelt & Old Man Kelly – beginners’ taekwondo continued. By the end of this session, the beginners are looking great, strong kicks, fluid combinations
    • revision of yesterday’s basics
    • back kick
    • jab and cross punch
    • push away followed by back side kick
    • combinations of the above
  • Niall – more releases from grabs, now including takedowns
  • Niall & Jase – destruction
  • Liam – taiji appliations of the five animals, defence against zombie attack!
  • Jase & Liam – sword forms to music
  • Everyone – pizza and other takeaway
"whatever you do, put some bloody sun cream on"

“whatever you do, put some bloody sun cream on”


  • Liam – taiji
    • qigong
    • kwai taiji – fast
    • silk reeling
  • Liam – five ancestor double dagger
  • Everyone – Atlantic Diner. Hot food on a plate, with cutlery!
students enjoying a meal

warm, dry, plates, cutlery


special guests from Tintagel today – hooray! Sadly, Norman and Wendy’s instruction commitments meant we didn’t see as much of them and their team as we would have liked, and every participant really enjoyed the stick work

  • Liam – taiji
    • qigong
    • kwai taiji – fast
    • five animals
  • Liam – Xingyi – five element boxing and linking form
  • Norman, Wendy and students from Tintagel’s Jeet Kune Do club – Kali (stick work)
    • Angles 1 – 5
    • stick defence 1 & 2
    • basic amarra (strike patterns)
  • Niall – padwork
  • Most – Dinner at The Port William, Trebarwith Strand. Mediocre food after a long wait, but in a beautiful location
students training with sticks



particularly inspiring training routintes from Con today. more about these in a seperate article

  • Liam – taiji
  • Con Halpin – taekwondo combinations
    • hand work – jab and cross, reverse ridge hand, back fist and roundhouse punch. Put all these together into a sequence
    • whack-a-mole hand techniques (four pad holders, one attacker utilising earlier hand techniques)
    • kick combination – right leg crescent kick followed by on the spot left leg turning kick
    • explosive kicking padwork – 4 kickers in a line (not a queue), one pad holder putting the pad in at random
  • Aiki John – aikido
  • Niall – patterns and one-step for grading
  • Jase and Con – patterns for grading students
  • Everyone – the now-traditional houmous and halloumi kebab night
students performing basic moves

…in the beginning…


end of camp, always emotional. The last remaining students put in some effort, but eventually tiredness, rain and departure take their toll

A picture of slate with flavours of tai chi written on it

Liam’s menu

Aside from this great variety of group training, there was plenty of individual support outside of larger sessions, including guitar lessons, one step sparring, poomsae, the walking stick form, mantis form, Cheng Man Ching goodness, and an intensive tutorial by Liam for Joe ‘Baby Blackbelt’, Richard ‘Handstand’ and Young Man Kelly on the double dagger form.   these excellent young men soaked it up like sponges

some of the usual suspects

which one is Keyser Soze?

which one is Keyser Soze?

skills development

CAMP ATTENDANCE this year was brilliant.  students and teachers traveled from as far as Middlesbrough (Hey Bert!), Eastbourne and within the M25 to be with us.   some students were absolute beginners, some just two months in to their training, some were total strangers staying onsite.   all students worked hard, battling the elements, self-consciousness, and their own fears of failure.   there was no failure.   every year we see progression in the students, both between and during camps, and that is one of hidden joys of regular attendance.   a day after camp ended, numerous students progressed up the ranks, but particular mention goes to new poom grade (junior black belt) students Ellis, Alice and Tia, dan grade students Hannah and Tom.

WE ARE ALL of us students.   those of us who instruct, assist or partner up with someone for training can pick up instructional skills, techniques and training routines, to help us develop ourselves and our students

enormous thanks

to everyone that attended and contributed in any way, pastoral care, cooking, photography, washing up, de-trashing the site, including, nurturing, welcoming, giving, hugging, kissing, fighting, dancing, loving – may Ra and Selene warm your souls forever

MASC 2013 is dead. Long live MASC2014, 9th August 2014, Upper Lynstone

Wolverine and Superman

Wolverine and Superman