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why do I count my blessings?

Some very good reasons.  Firstly, it helps my self-esteem when I am depressed or otherwise feeling low.  I really have a very fortunate existence, with a lot of happiness.

What’s that about depression then?

My depression stems from brain chemistry, almost exclusively over the long winter months.  It can start in September and dog me until as late as April.  Not this season, fortunately.  Being mindful of all the positives can only have a beneficial effect.

By counting my blessings, I get more happiness and well-being from all of the little good things, and all of the great big good things in my life.  Its very easy to take all of these things for granted, especially in Britain where we have a very high standard of living, on a daily basis.  By enumerating my blessings, I get more of out them.  By publishing them, I hope readers can be more mindful of all the great things in their lives, and so wring every last bit of goodness from them.  If you want to share a positive thought, write about it, or add in here as a comment please.

Here is today’s blessing.

It’s the first day of spring, according to the British Meteorological Office.  Sure enough, I walk Willow through the county lanes of Cornwall, I tickle the trumpet of a daffodil (it is St. David’s Day) and I walk through a light rain, blue skies, grey clouds, I taste the rain on my stupid moustache and I am listening to Mike Oldfield’s Omnadawn.  All of these activities, including the pipes and strings in the music make me happy, and remind of me of my youth.  A kindly old gentelman gives me biscuits for my dog, and in return I will give him some eggs freshly laid by our chickens.  Today is a good day.