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basic chord theory

In this series, I will try to consolidate my own learning by writing articles on:

  • The basic12 note scale, and where to find them on the piano and guitar fretboard
  • The C major scale – the starting point of my learning and understanding
  • Applying the C major scale learning to the remaining notes to derive A major, B major, D major etc
  • Defining the C major chord and relating it to the C major scale.
  • Applying the major chord definition to the major scales we derived earlier to illustrate how the basic open chords of the guitar reflect the rule
  • Constructing minor chords
  • Constructing other chords, and the names of them
  • More theory, as taught to me by Marty Schwartz

That’s quite ambitious, it may take a while. ¬†Encourage me by writing to me, providing feedback, posting comments.