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blessings – grow your own

two weeks of lovely sunshine, vitamin D and growth in the garden.  I’ve eaten home grown radish, and should have a small crop of black, white and red currants, elephant garlic and other varieties, a handful of goosegogs, some blueberries.  I am training two clematis up the palm tree which should come proper, as say  they say around here.  Strawberry flowers a-plenty too

home made sag paneer and dhal, with mint tea made from our home grown mint

watching our new chicks leap on to their surrogate mother’s back (bird is the word)

Citalopram and 6 weeks of stability.  I know feel well enough to truly appreciate all the excellent things in my life, especially my lovely partner Adele

Willow has a new friend, Bruce, to play with.  She is much happier chasing a ball with Brucie than walking on the lead with me