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Denis' hat

squandering your health

at work, i’ve met a lady who is giving up drinking for a month.  I am giving up my hair, and so is my partner Adele.  i know someone else who gave up social media for a bit.  What’s the link?  Cancer.  Nasty word.

statistics are often quoted – one in three people’s lives will be somehow affected by cancer – that sort of thing.  So far, I’ve counted 7 people.  The good news is that beating cancer seems more and  more likely.

to this end, Adele and I will be shaving our heads in October to raise money.  We may even dye our hair crazy colours first to draw more attention.  If you’d like to support us raising money for Cancer Research, then please donate via our Just Giving page.

most of us are blessed with our health, so much so we’ll probably never know much better off we are than someone who is suffering significantly.  i find it helpful to remember this, and it helps me to stop wasting my health on excessive drinking, smoking, eating and couch surfing.  I now perform 20 press-ups and 40+ seconds of plank prior to each shower i take.  doesn’t sound like much, but that’s going from zero press-ups per week to 140 per week.  My arms and shoulders feel bigger, burn more calories and allowed to me to effortlessly help an elderly couple with a bag of gravel yesterday.  My back feel stronger, my stomach flatter and even a seven and half hour drive didn’t mangle my back too much.

I am trying to preserve my health, not squander it.  It’s never too late to rage against ageing, and as I cover my bald head with my Dad’s hat, I’ll remember all the people I know who lost and won battles with cancer.  Please give money, pray, help someone and perhaps add one press-up per day until you feel meaty of limb!