Mini-Event Schedule for Summer Camp

Monday 11th August

Order some great food.  Sajla will be preparing this food in her kitchens and delivering to our site.  If you would like to order, please do update the relevant comment section under the same image on our Facebook page, or leave a comment here.



Tuesday 12th August – 3pm – 5pm

Lynne’s amazing handiwork below, again, you will need to book and in this case pay up front as Lynne will be ordering materials for this course, so don’t miss out.  Spaces are limited.

jase flyer copy



Wednesday 13th August – Lantern Parade

Cost is £1 donation for materials, but don’t let that stop you paying more!  You will need to make your own lantern at camp, I have all the materials, and your lantern needs to be ready for use on Wednesday evening.

A picture of some lanterns

Lantern parade at The Eden Project. Photograph copyright Tim King

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