Marquee Fund – Update and £100 Super Reward Package Pledge Details

Progress Update

  • Backers: 14 (1 donation last night, thanks to the mysterious DottyP)
  • £635 of £1500 target donated (42%).
  • 17 days remaining to pledge and meet target, or the project fails and we receive nothing.

logo for Martial Arts Summer Camp

Super reward package

A might fine deal.  I’ve bought this one myself!

  • Shelter from the rain and continued training.
  • Circular embroidered Martial Arts Summer Camp Supporter badge with our adopted logo (above).  This will be a standard club badge size, and you could sew it on to your tracksuit, dobok or gi, or frame it and hang it up in the little boy’s room.  Wear it with pride!
  • Training fees waived for this year’s camp
  • 1.5 hour guitar / bass lesson
  • MASC 2014 teeshirt
  • MASC 2014 hoody
  • MASC walking stick
  • 6 training sessions at Atlantic Taekwondo, Bude


Simply click here to visit our Crowdfunding project, have a look at the 3 minute, and hang on until the end for some lightweight humour, then make your pledge by Paypal or GoCardless. GoCardless will not collect the money from your account unless the project reaches its target. Paypal users will have their donation refunded in the sad event of us not making our goal.

Please remember you are donating for the common good, and if you’ve ever been to camp, I bet you have sheltered under my cranky old gazebo in the past.  That’s now dead, and we need a proper replacement.

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