dentist dojang

When I worked in London for a living, I used to perform my patterns on the train on the way to work.  I never received any funny looks, I was just doing them in my head.  Its a good trick if you have dead time to fill.

Today, I spent 35 minutes in a dentist chair.  Whilst I am not afraid of dentistry, I still find it unnerving and unpleasant having people and machinery poking around inside my chops.  I decided that to help take my mind off the procedures, and to help regulate my breathing – and thus keep rising panic at bay – I would go though my patterns again, mentally.  It was hard work, but it passed time, and helped to keep my breathing under control during the carnage.  I started at Il-jang and got all the way chil-jang, pattern number 7.  It got me through, but the ending of 7 was a little weak.  Next time, I will practice it when I am having a haircut, far less unpleasant.  Let’s see if I do better then.

So, train, dentist, and if you see my pictures on facebook, the beach…where do you practice your patterns?

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