one of my favourite footwork exercises I teach in my class at the moment is this combination. In my pidgin Korean, this is

dwi kobi, dolliyo chagi, dwi chagi, joochum sogi, sohn nal yop chigi

…or in English…

Back stance, turning kick (rebend, place foot), back kick (rebend and place foot again) slide into horse riding stance, knife hand side strike.

As usual, its all about foot placement and you know its working when that final knife hand strike lands with some power in conjunction with finishing the horse-riding stance.  Rebending the leg after the back kick allows for a good transition into horse riding stance, and provided your arms weren’t flailing madly during the kicks, you should have a satisfyingly meaty knife hand strike.

If you are struggling, remember, don’t fall out of your kicks, rebend the kicking leg and place it where you want it.  The foundation of any good technique is good foot work.

Give it a try.

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